How To Maximize Space in Your Walk-In Closet at The Sylvan

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Your spacious walk-in closet at The Sylvan, a luxury apartment community in Foxborough, MA, means you won’t have to compromise your wardrobe for space. If you’re someone that loves to shop or just wants to better organize your space, these helpful tips are for you. Your closet will be clean and organized in no time.   

Get Organized

Some quick and easy organization tips will have your closet looking neat and clean that you’ll be tempted to show it off. Start by organizing your clothing by season, color, type, sleeve length, dress length, pant length – the options are endless. This type of organization also has the added benefit of being able to easily find your outfit of the day since everything is in order. 

Utilized Shelves

Your walk-in closet at The Sylvan will include shelf space for those items not meant for hanging. Neatly fold sweaters, button up shirts, pants or accessories like scarves. Maybe you need shelving space for purses, shoes, or boxes. Shelves help keep these items accessible but neatly out of the way.

Don’t Forget The Closet Essentials 

Having the right hangers, closet dividers, storage boxes, or shoe holders can make a huge difference when it comes to maximizing space. Non-slip velvet hangers keep your clothes in great shape but also are thin enough to not take up too much hanging space. To maximize even more space, find tiered hangers that allow you to hang multiple items on one hanger. There are even hangers specifically made for tank tops, leggings, ties, scarves and belts. 

Use Your Floor Space

Maximize your floor space by organizing your shoes in stackable boxes, shoe organizer shelves or racks. You can even take the shoes off the floor with an over the door shoe organizer or hanging shoe organizer. This opens up more floor space for additional storage. 

Make the most of your walk-in closet at The Sylvan with these tips to maximizing your space. You’ll love being able to easily navigate your wardrobe and even have space for additional storage when needed. What additional organization tips do you have?

Find your new home today at The Sylvan where luxury is the standard.  Contact us or schedule a tour today.

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