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Bring a Craving for Sheet-Pan Pizza to Citizen Crust

Crispy fries loaded with carne asada, guac, cotija, cheddar, and queso. Mozzarella cheese curds embellished with spicy ghost pepper sea salt and Comeback Sauce. Pan-fried pork dumplings paired with spicy kimchi and citrusy ponzu sauce. These are only the appetizers at Citizen Crust—and, believe it or not, they actually pale in comparison to the signature Roman-style pizzas.

Since Citizen Crust opened a few months ago, bites like these have been enticing customers to grab takeout, order delivery, or sit down for socially-distanced dining indoors or outdoors (with a limited capacity, mask-wearing staff, and frequent cleaning). Don’t fill up on the starters, because you’re going to want to try some of that sheet-pan pizza. The staff ferments the dough for a full 48 hours before decorating it with toppings like caramelized pineapple and onions, bacon, and Korean barbecue sauce (the ‘Ono) or hot honey, pepperoni, and whipped ricotta cheese (the Citizen Pie).