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Unwind and Unplug at Borderland State Park

From beautiful views to historic landmarks, there’s a lot to take in as you go through life in our area. One such spot is undoubtedly Borderland State ParkJust a few minutes away in North Easton, Borderland State Park offers a little bit of everything that seems to drive people to Massachusetts. You’ll find history. You’ll find natural beauty. And, at the risk of cliche, you might just find a new love not just for local points of interest, but for yourself.

A visit to Borderland State Park can be as simple as breathing in the fresh air as you gaze out over the water. Or, it may be a special trip for horseback riding, fishing, hiking, or boating. If you aren’t heading here for your fitness fix, you might arrive to tour the Ames mansion. 

In any case, a trip to Borderland State Park just might be transformative. Whether you connect with nature, spark an interest in the past, or move a little closer to your health and fitness goals, this state park is sure to speak to you.