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01.31.2023 Incorporating Mindfulness Into Your Sylvan Routine As we continue to stride into the New Year, there is a philosophy to do so mindfully to achieve the goals we often set as resolutions. Creating a resolution is a great way to place a goal on some aspect of your life, however, we know how easy it is... READ MORE
12.09.2022 Winter Holidays The chilly winter month of December is filled with celebrations, parties, and holidays all around the world. Some are filled with solemn traditions while others focus on fun and frolic. Hanukkah: While the exact dates change every year, this is... READ MORE
12.01.2022 Kids Craft and Game Workshop at Easton Festival of Trees There is something so special about being a kid during the holidays. Between getting off school, spending time with family and friends, seeing the decorations, and getting presents! Doesn’t seem like a bad deal! Nothing is better than being a kid... READ MORE
11.24.2022 Thankful for Thanksgiving It’s more than eating turkey, watching football, and taking naps!  Thanksgiving is a national United States holiday that takes place every third Thursday of November, this year on November 24th. The first Thanksgiving dates... READ MORE
11.12.2022 Stay Spooky in November, Paranormal Things- Psychic Fair Who said that spooky season has to end in October? Bring your fascination of all things paranormal into November with the Paranormal Things- Psychic Fair. You have been officially invited to this Psychic Fair made up of mediums, Tarot, Healers,... READ MORE
10.14.2022 DIY Halloween Decor Let’s cut to the chase, Halloween is peaking its head around the corner. Well, it’s a headless horseman head! With that, there is nothing more exciting than decorating for Halloween. Here are some DIY decorations you can make to get in the... READ MORE